Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Fall is here. Finally. I thought it would never come. With the cool air comes new beginnings, healing, and the festivities of the holidays. We made a big deal out of this past chilly weekend. I had a great new cinnamon scent in our Scentsy warmer, pumpkin cookies in the oven, chili in the crockpot, apple cider in my hand, and my handsome husband wearing flannel. I smile thinking that it's only the beginning!

Our special family tradition now is to go to the Ozark Corn Maze in Cave Springs. We went last year with my mom and dad. I missed my dad there this year, he would have for sure wanted to take Lilly up in the newest attraction - helicopter rides.

It was so cold her little nose was pink the whole time but we had a blast. The tractor took us for a ride to the pumpkin patch. This year there were no vines and leaves since all the pumpkins came in boxes. This actually excited Lilly because they all had stickers, and she loves her stickers! She played in the pumpkins and put a sticker on all of us. We went through the children's corn maze and Lilly lead the way the whole time, getting us lost and then found again. We topped off the trip with some hot apple cider.

We spent a lot of time in the petting zoo where Lil squealed in delight at each new goat, sheep, and cow she saw. She was the cutest I've ever seen her. Tipping her head to the side and bending over to look at all of their faces, asking some if they were "doin' good?" She got a little too friendly with one goat and tried to make him wag his tail.

I'm officially term today (37 weeks!!) and we're so excited about meeting little Isaac any day now.

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